Also Known As:  Layered Pancake

Category:  Stuffed Indian Bread

Region:  Malabar(Kerala Muslim Style)

Type:  Non Veg


  1. Maida     2    cups
  2. Egg     2    no.
  3. Salt     ½    tsp
  4. Grated Coconut     2    cups
  5. Egg     8    no.
  6. Sugar     1    cups
  7. Cardamom(Elakka) Powder     2    tsp
  8. Ripe Banana     4    no.
  9. Cashew Nuts -chopped    ½    cup
  10. Raisins (Unakka Munthiri) -chopped    ½    cup
  11. Milk     2    tbsp
  12. Ghee     2    tbsp


  1. Make loose batter by mixing the ingredients from 1 to 3 in water and make thin dosas in a non stick pan. Make 5 to 9 dosas.
  2. In a pan put grated coconut,add half cup of of sugar and little water. Cook it till the sugar is completely melted.
  3. Add five beaten eggs and cardamom powder. Stir well and roast it.
  4. Fry cashew nuts and raisins in ghee and add into the coconut mixture.
  5. Cut the banana into small pieces and roast in ghee. Beat three eggs by adding a spoonful of milk,sugar and cardamom powder into it.
  6. Heat a greased non stick pan. Sprinkle some maida. Place a dosa on the pan Pour little of the beaten egg mixture on the top of it. Put some banana pieces and coconut mixture on the top of it. Spread it evenly.
  7. Place another dosa on the top of it. Pour beaten egg mixture,put roasted banana pieces and coconut mixture on it.
  8. Repeat this process.Pour remaining beaten egg mixture on the top of the last dosa. Cover the pan with a lid and cook it for half an hour in low flame.
  9. When it is cooked put a plate on the top of the pan and turn the pan upside down. The attiyappam will be on the plate.
  10. When attiyappam is cooled cut into triangle shapes and serve.

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