Cake Pudding

Category:  Dessert

Region:  Malabar(Kerala Muslim Style)

Type:  Non Veg


  1. Plain Cake     5    pieces
  2. Condensed Milk     1    tin
  3. Milk     1    cup
  4. Sugar     2    cups
  5. Custard Powder     3    tsp
  6. Fresh thick cream     1    cup
  7. Strawberry Jam     5    tsp
  8. Badam -chopped    12    nos.
  9. Apple -chopped    2    nos.
  10. Cashew Nuts -chopped    12    nos.
  11. Egg Whites     1    no.
  12. Dream whip-Dessert Topping Mix     1    Packets


  1. Mix condensed milk and sugar and gently heat it until the milk thickens.
  2. Combine dream whip and fresh cream in a bowl and set aside. Beat egg white using an egg beater. Keep it aside.
  3. Arrange the cake pieces in a row in a glass pan. Spread a spoonful of strawberry jam on the top of each piece.
  4. Pour half an amount of the custard on the top of the cake pieces. Top it with chopped cashew nuts,badam and apple.
  5. Mix half of dream whip and fresh cream mixture and beaten egg white. Pour it on the top of the cake pieces.
  6. Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours until set.

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