Mixed Vegetable Koottu Curry

Category:  Curry

Region:  Kerala

Type:  Vegetarian


  1. Grated Coconut     3    cup
  2. Curry Leaves     1    stalks
  3. Coconut Oil     2    tbsp
  4. Urad Dal(Uzhunnuparippu)     3    tbsp
  5. Peppercorns     ½    tsp
  6. White Channa     1    cups
  7. Green Peas     ½    cup
  8. Raw Banana Peeled and diced    1    no.
  9. Chena (Elephant Yam) Cut in to cubes    1    cup
  10. Carrot Cut in to cubes    1    cup
  11. Padavalanga     1    cups
  12. Yellow Cucumber Peeled and diced    ½    cups
  13. Ghee     ¼    tsp
  14. Asafoetida     1    pinch
  15. Turmeric Powder     ½    tsp
  16. Chilli Powder     1    tsp
  17. Curry Leaves     1    stalks
  18. Jaggery(Sarkkara)     1    tbsp
  19. Coconut Oil     1    tbsp
  20. Salt to taste     ½    tsp


  1. Heat a few drops of ghee in a small pan and fry 1/2 tsp whole pepper corns. Switch off. Crush in a mortar and pestle and set aside.
  2. Heat 2 tsp coconut oil in a heavy bottamed vessel and fry urad dal until golden. Add grated coconut and stir fry until browned, takes about 15 minutes. Transer to a bowl and set aside.
  3. In a same pan, add all the vegetables, white chana, green peas, water and the asafoetida, Jaggery, turmeric powder, chilly powder and curry leaves mix well.
  4. Cover and cook until vegetable are done and water is mostly evaporated. Add the ground black pepper, roasted coconut and mix well.
  5. Cook for a few minutes until dry. Add a tsp of coconut oil, few curry leaves and switch off. Set aside 25 minutes.
  6. Serve with rice and other side dishes.

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